Masterclass workshop in September!

David Dubnitskiy an Ukrainian photographer, artist and perfectionist who creates dreamy portraits with a touch of eroticism is visiting us again!

Masterclass will take place at Studio Železna in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We will host a full weekend workshop on 26th and 27th of September 2020.

The workshop will be translated to English language.

Applications are already taking place, so if you are interested please register at

Number of places is limited! Your place is secured after registration and payment!!


480 € 'early bird' registration and payment until March 31st 2020 (until 31.3.2020)

550 € registration and payment until June 30th 2020 (until 30.6.2020)

590 € registration and payment form July 1st until September 18th 2020 (from 1.7. until 18.9.2020)


Ukrainian photographer David Dubnitskiy was born in 1971 in Dnipro. His work is already world renowned and admired by experts and common public even tho he developed his passion for photography only a few years ago. 

His unique stylization represents a completely fresh level of sensual photography. The photographs are full of visual stories that glorify women in playful scenarios imbued with a mix of erotic, antique and folk tones, mostly selected from Slavic national motifs. 

With his work ethic and special approach to photography, he quickly became a self-taught professional. His work is full of subtle sensuality  and is able to evoke observer’s feelings, admiration and enthusiasm. 

The way he works is specific, as he carries out the projects completely on his own. He uses only natural light and plans his photo sessions at minimal cost.

He carefully organizes photo sessions in advance and pre-thinks all the elements. From the choice of location, model, costume design and color scheme, to the story itself, the background of the project..

His inspiration comes from Renaissance oil paintings so the focus in post-production is on softening the light and sharp lines.

He truly is a master of depicting the endless beauty of his models.